Smart Home Elevation
Smart Homes

Elevate Your Living Space: A Quick Guide to Building Your Smart Home

Welcome to the future of home living. Smart homes are becoming easier and more accessible than ever before, giving homeowners worldwide a chance to take …

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3 Essential Tools for Electrical Work
Electricians Tips & Tricks

3 Essential Tools for DIY Electrical Work: Must-Haves for Homeowners

Are you a homeowner in Lancaster, Ohio looking to take on some of your own electrical work? Maybe you want to install new lighting fixtures …

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Top 3 Electricians Lancaster Ohio
Electricians Tips & Tricks

Top 3 Electricians in Lancaster, OH 2023 – Find Your Best Fit

Electricians in Lancaster, OH area are experts in handling various electrical projects for residential and commercial properties. Located southeast of Columbus, OH, electricians in Lancaster …

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Old House Electric
Residential Electric

Mastering The Art of ‘Old Work’ Electric

At Relias Electric, we specialize in ‘old work’ electric, also known as retrofitting – the skillful art of running or “fishing” wires within a finished …

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DIY Electric, should you do it?
Electricians Tips & Tricks

To DIY or Not to DIY Electrical: Lancaster Style

There are many reasons you might wanna do your own electrical project, but should you? Let’s get into it. We’ve gathered data and real service …

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