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To DIY or Not to DIY Electrical: Lancaster Style

There are many reasons you might wanna do your own electrical project, but should you? Let’s get into it. We’ve gathered data and real service call scenarios to help you with this question.

First up, let’s face it, cost plays a major part. People often think, “I can save time and money by doing it myself.” That’s all fine and dandy if you know the codes and you’re confident the methods and materials are safe for you and your family. But are you cool with the risks involved?

Now, imagine you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, and you decide to save money by handling the electrical work, thinking you can buy nicer finishes. But when the remodel’s done, something’s off with the electric. You might have to call an electrician, which can cost a pretty penny. And you’ll learn that you can always upgrade fixtures later if your basic setup is strong.

Even simpler tasks like switch boxes can be tricky. Imagine being interrupted halfway through and then coming back, unable to remember which wire goes where. Now you’ve gotta call an electrician to trace wires and troubleshoot, which adds unnecessary expenses.

Now for the scary part. Electric can be deadly if mishandled. In the U.S. alone, 32,160 home fires involving electrical distribution and lighting equipment occurred between 2015-2019, causing hundreds of deaths and billions in damages. These incidents are sadly increasing, often because of improper electrical installations.

At Relias Electric, we care about our community and customers, so we strongly recommend hiring certified electrical professionals, even if it’s not us. Electricians spend years mastering their skills to ensure safety, and at Relias, we add quality, education, and personability. Protect yourself by researching any company before letting them into your home. Check out what others have to say in our customer testimonials.

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