Old House Electric

Mastering The Art of ‘Old Work’ Electric

At Relias Electric, we specialize in ‘old work’ electric, also known as retrofitting – the skillful art of running or “fishing” wires within a finished dwelling or structure. Over the years, we’ve honed our expertise to ensure minimal drywall or plaster repairs are needed once the project is complete.

Our services include:

  • New wall receptacle installations
  • Switch and overhead lighting additions
  • Transforming old fixtures into sleek recessed lighting
  • Outdoor GFCI receptacle installations
  • Coach/sconce lighting
  • And much more!

While ‘old work’ electric may seem costlier upfront, it often results in significantly lower expenses for post-project repairs compared to removing large sections of finish materials for access. Trust Relias Electric to make your electrical upgrades seamless and hassle-free!

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